Glasgow City awards season 2011

 Glasgow City celebrated the 2011 season with their Awards Night yesterday evening at the Kings Park Hotel with all GCFC teams, friends and family.

A special treat from MNE TV allowed City to show the club members a special sneak preview of the upcoming documentary of the First Team which starts this Thursday on BBC Alba at 8.30pm.

The main event was however all about the awards and the proud winners were as follows:

Under 11 Team
Player of the Year - Olivia Robertson

Under 13 Team                                                                         Under 15 Team
Young Player of the Year – Murron Cunningham                       Young Player of the Year – Lauren Bullock
Staff Player of the Year – Chantelle Knox                                  Staff Player of the Year – Lauren Kelly
Player’s Player of the Year – Annie Earley                                 Player’s Player of the Year – Ambur Clark

Reserve Team                                                                         First Team
Young Player of the Year – Shannon Morgan                           Young Player of the Year – Lisa Evans
Staff Player of the Year – Lesley Palmer                                   Staff Player of the Year – Christie Murray
Player’s Player of the Year – Lesley Palmer                              Player’s Player of the Year – Clare Gemmell

                          Left Picture - Under 13 winners with coaches. Right Picture - Under 15 winners with coaches.
                                          Reserve Team winners - Shannon Morgan (left), Lesley Palmer (right)
                                                  First Team winners - Lisa Evans, Christie Murray and Clare Gemmell