Lisa Evans to leave Glasgow City for a full-time contract with Turbine Potsdam

Glasgow City striker Lisa Evans is about to fulfil the ambition of most female footballers in this country and become a full-time professional player with one of the best club sides in the world – Germany’s Turbine Potsdam.

A City player for the last 4 years, Lisa was part of the successful City side who progressed all the way to the last sixteen of the Champions League last season, where she and her team mates then faced twice winners and twice runners-up of the Champions League, Turbine Postdam in the most high profile match of Glasgow City’s history. Despite bowing out of the competition at this stage, Evans and her team mates undoubtedly impressed the German Champions who immediately made a move for the Glasgow City striker.

In terms of finance and support, Scottish Football is light years behind their German counterparts, who play in the strongest League in the world. While City struggle to raise the funds to play in Europe every season and their players remain unpaid, Postdam bring in 1Million euros in sponsorship alone, with all players and staff professional.

Although the details of Lisa’s offer and contract remain confidential, she is being provided with a club apartment, as well as a full-time salary.

Commenting on Lisa’s move, City Club Manager, Laura Montgomery said, “It is with mixed emotions that we lose Lisa. Her leaving is undoubtedly sad as she is a vital person to the club, not just in her ability, but also in terms of her importance in the make-up of the team and her relationship with her team mates as this is a very happy and close knit side, which she is a massive part of.  We also are not professional and of course we receive no compensation whatsoever for having developed Lisa to help her be the player she is now to have achieved this move. It will be very challenging to replace her in the team, but no one player ever makes a side and I am sure whoever comes in to fill her role will step up to the mark.

“At the same time of being sad to lose Lisa from the side, I am thrilled for her personally. She has worked extremely hard to get this opportunity and it is absolutely wonderful to see her being able to realise the ambition of being a professional player. She is also a fantastic person, who is extremely grounded and I am sure she will go on to be a star of the Frauen Bundesliga.

“It is also great credit to her team mates and the coaching staff at Glasgow City that we have been able to play a massive part in Lisa’s development to assist in bringing about this opportunity. Playing in the Champions League is the biggest club showpiece in the world and if any players ever want to try and follow in Lisa’s footsteps it is obvious where these opportunities lie. I can only hope we can repeat last year’s performances in the Champions League and maybe even go one better. It would be nice though if we could avoid Potsdam and of course Lisa, this time around!”

Lisa will head out to Postdam at the beginning of July for the start of their pre-season.

If you think you could be the next Lisa Evans or if you would like the chance to be a Glasgow City player, please contact our Head Coach Eddie Wolecki Black in complete confidence or 07873 326685.

Pictures of Lisa in action for City by Andy Buist