Megan hits 100


Congratulations to Megan Sneddon who started and scored in her 100th game for Glasgow City last Sunday in the 4-2 win over Spartans.  

Since signing for City in the summer of 2006, Megan has been an integral part of a successful City team which has dominated the Scottish game for the last few years. A competitive, hard working, talented midfielder, boss Peter Caulfield was quick to praise the City and Scotland player.

He said, “Megan is a great talent in our game and very much unique in terms of her abilities. She has great qualities, both on and off the park and it is no coincidence that we have had success with her in the team. I congratulate her on reaching this remarkable milestone and look forward to working with her for a considerable number of years to come.”


Megan celebrates with her team mates after scoring in Sunday's win over Spartans